Earning Station Review: Take Surveys For Money & More

Earning station Review by TheAffpreneur.comName: Earning Station
Website: earningstation.com
Price: Free to Join (US Citizens Only)
Owner: Matt Hynes (MassFinity)

Rating: 4-Stars

Earning Station Review Introduction

One thing I know is a struggle for most people trying to build online businesses is cash. Making money online usually requires investment. What most affiliate marketers do not realize is that investment doesn’t necessarily need to be in cash. You can also trade your thoughts and opinions.

I know many people frown when someone suggests that they can take surveys for money. But as an affiliate marketing beginner who needs some quick extra cash, you’ll be interested to learn about an opportunity to get paid for doing stuff you are probably doing already. That is precisely the reason I decided to check out this and other survey panels to come up with a detailed Earning Station review.

Overview of Earning Station

Earning Station is one of the newer survey panels; currently just 4 years old. Unlike other survey companies whose offers are predominantly questionnaire-based surveys, Earning Station member earn by doing additional tasks like:

  • Using search engines to search the web
  • Watching videos
  • Shopping online
  • Playing games

Every task you complete on the panel earns you StationDollars, known as SD on the site. SD is the virtual currency which converts to real US$ at a rate of 100:1; i.e. SD100 = US$1. Once you accumulate SD1,000 in your Earning Station account you can redeem them for gift cards or sweepstake entries.

Earning Station is 100% free to join but however, it is strictly for US citizens only because of the nature of offers available on that platform.

Pros and Cons


  • It’s completely free to join
  • The dashboard is intuitive and easy to navigate
  • Multiple ways of earning which are additional to the traditional customer surveys
  • Earning station has a large supply of tasks to complete; which makes it easy to reach the minimum redemption threshold.
  • You get paid for doing what you are already doing online anyway.
  • It is a risk-free, start-and-go method of making money online. No need to set up a website, no extra tools required; just sign up for free and you’re good to go.
  • The gift cards are redeemable at reputable outlets; including Amazon. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck with gift cards that only work on stuff you don’t need.
  • Earning Station has a clean track record since their launch; which indicates that members are happy with what they are getting through the survey panel.


  • Restricted to US citizens only.
  • No payout to PayPal. They recently stopped cashing out to PayPal, though they used to allow redemptions to PayPal or Pre-Paid debit card.

Earning Station Review: Who is it for?

Earning station describes itself as a customer rewards platform. That means it is basically for consumers who like to share their opinion about new and existing consumer products; i.e. take surveys for money.

But as mentioned earlier, they don’t just offer surveys; which makes them ideal for people who want more than just a survey panel from where to share opinions. Earning station is also ideal for:

  • People seeking a simple way to make and save money online. Without a website, list or the need to advertise, you can earn coupons and gift cards which help you save on your purchases.
  • Affiliate Marketers looking for a unique promotional tool. With some creativity, you can use it to generate sales. For example, you can giveaway your gift cards to encourage customers to buy certain products through your Amazon link.
  • Niche Marketers seeking niche market intelligence. If products are going through changes, apps getting upgraded, new games about to hit the market… all this stuff is usually ‘tested’ through survey panels. Advance knowledge about these developments will certainly put a marketer light years ahead of competition.
  • Web surfers who want to monetize their online activities. Doing what you always do, like checking out new apps, downloading and testing new software, playing games, etc; you can get paid for it.

Earning Station Review: My Opinion

Traditionally, people used to believe that taking surveys for money is a waste of time; mainly because of the impossible to reach withdrawal minimums that existed. Earning Station busted this sentiment by setting a low cash-out minimum; while also making it easy to earn StationDollars through simple tasks.

If you’re not too fond of taking surveys, you have the option to choose the kind of tasks you want to earn from. Conveniently, they put up a number of things that most people already do online daily. Stuff like watching videos, searching the web and playing games.

However, they no longer pay out cash through PayPal. It would have been nice to have the freedom associated with cash. It is also strictly for Americans, which leaves out folks from the rest of the world. But that makes the offers super-targeted and relevant to US citizens. Also, this exclusivity is probably the reason why there are always tasks to complete at Earning Station.

Considering all these points, I believe Earning Station is a simple but legit way to take surveys for money and monetize your usual web surfing activities.


Get Started Now,. Signup to Earning Station

Final Verdict

Rating: 4-Stars

Earning Station definitely has more to offer affiliate marketers than meets the eye. If you live in the US, I RECOMMEND you join and explore Earning Station for some unique niche ideas and promotional tactics.

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iWriter Review: Outsourcing Marketplace For Content Writing Services

iWriter ReviewName: iWriter
Website: iwriter.com
Price: Free to Join (word-count based fees)
Owner: Brad Callen

Rating: 4-Stars

Introduction To My iWriter Review

As the internet evolves, it has become more and more fast-paced and cut-throat competitive. Consumers now have a variety of information sources. Only those websites with useful information get the clicks while the rest sit and rot somewhere in cyberspace.

Content is no longer King; Unique Content reigns! Without it, search engines sulk on you; and that’s not even your biggest problem. Your visitors will have their needs satisfied at your competitors’ websites. To keep them satisfied, you need to constantly serve the information they are looking for; and you best be good at presenting it.

Given, writing great content isn’t a skill possessed by everyone. But with online content writing services, anyone can enjoy the benefits of outsourcing unique content. As an Elite Writer on several Requesters’ teams, I put my experience with the platform into an iWriter review which shows how you can leverage it for your content needs.

Overview of iWriter

iWriter is a web-based content writing website. Unlike other outsourcing marketplaces like Freelancer and Elance, iWriter specifically offers web content writing services. The platform recruits article writers whose experience levels range from Basic (entry level) to Elite Plus (5-star rated). Every writer is only admitted after passing a language and grammar exam.

You need to open a Requester Account to post your writing projects. Requesters have several options when setting up their projects, including:

  • Specifying experience of writers that can do your project; 4.5 to 5 star writers deliver the best quality.
  • Specify a select group of writers or even send a special request to your favorite writer
  • Set the remuneration for your project, including increasing it beyond the basic rate for special projects.
  • Include special instructions for the project; including keywords, specific sources for research, etc.
  • Send tips for excellent deliveries

Writers ‘claim’ jobs within their skill level, instead of bidding for work with samples. Once an article is submitted, you have to review it in 72hours; after which iWriter automatically approves the article and releases payment.Within that period you may:

  1. Approve the article, rate the writer, download your content and simultaneously release payment to the writer.
  2. Return article to the writer for revision, specifying the revisions you want.
  3. Decline the article and rate the writer.

iWriter also offers you an opportunity to distribute re-writen versions of your approved articles through their network of blogs and websites. This helps build links and drive traffic. A walk-through video illustrates the process of requesting for the article writing service. In addition, support is available via email, phone and Helpdesk.

Pros and Cons


  • Low-cost source of original articles, starting at just $1.25
  • No ripped articles with the free Copyscape check at point of article submission by writer.
  • Super-quick turnaround time, your content in just hours.
  • Payment released to writer only upon your approval of article.
  • Secure payments through PayPal with Escrow for added protection.
  • You can directly send a job to your favorite writer
  • Includes exclusive article submission service for link building.
  • Supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, German, etc
  • Writer Profiles help you hire the best writer for your project.
  • Supports personal messaging (PM) between requester and writer within the platform
  • Includes walk-through videos for easy training
  • Long track record; tried, tested and trusted since 2000


  • Low entry barrier for new writers can render low level writers unreliable.
  • Low pay rates attract many low quality writers. Requesters usually have to build their own teams of trusted writers to keep quality acceptable.

iWriter Review: Who is iWriter for?

iWriter Review: 3 Ways Clients Benefit From iWriter

iWriter is a great service for those who need fresh content to publish on their sites fast; but either don’t have the time or ability to write it themselves.

It is also a great SEO tool for search marketers who intend to use original content for their link building. If you belong to one or both groups, you will definitely want to go through the rest of this iWriter review.

The web content outsourcing marketplace ia also ideal for new website owners who intend to build authority sites. iWriter can definitely help newbies tap into expertise they would otherwise take ages to acquire.

iWriter Review: My Opinion

iWriter is a reputable outsourcing marketplace for reliable content writing services. When you want content written fast, it is the go-to content mill for original, Copyscape- passed content at rock-bottom prices.

Although there are concerns about the quality of writers, ratings are usually indicative of writers’ experience. So you can easily control the quality of your articles by only approving work within your quality standard. The platform also makes it easy to build a team if reliable writers for regular requesters.

It is completely secure, with all payments going through PayPal and Escrow. With only a few complaints against their content writing service; iWriter customers seem generally satisfied with the content outsourcing marketplace.

As the best, low-cost content writing service on the internet; their role goes beyond being just another content mill. Their article distribution cum link building service also boosts the potential earning value of your articles. This is a golden opportunity for marketers to easily build a link profile and drive traffic to their offers.

iWriter Review: click Here To Hire an Elite Writer Now!Final Verdict

Rating: 4-Stars

I think iWriter rocks; and it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for getting cheap original content fast and with valuable SEO frills.

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Trafficwave Review: #1 Recommended Autoresponder

Trafficwave ReviewName: Trafficwave Autoresponder
Website: Trafficwave.net
Price: $17.95/month (30 Day FREE Trial)
Owner: Brian Rooney

Rating: 5-Stars


Before jumping into the Trafficwave review, it is interesting to note that although an Autoresponder is one of the most sought after internet marketing tools, there are just a few reliable services around. The most well known are AWeber and GetResponse, with TrafficWave fast becoming a household name in that space.

For an essential service like your email marketing system, you certainly don’t want to take chances with systems whose delivery efficiency isn’t verified. That’s why only a handful of these Autoresponders have gained popularity over the years, ahead of self hosted systems and other free scripts.

Trafficwave is one of the top email marketing systems that online business owners have come to trust. My Trafficwave review uncovers the unique features of Trafficwave that makes it much more than just an Autoresponder service.

Trafficwave Review: Overview

Trafficwave is owned and was designed by Brian Rooney, an experienced internet marketer with years of experience. It offers a paid service whose simple cost structure seems highly attractive to marketers of all experience levels. While their main competitors charge more as the number of list subscribers grows, Trafficwave charges a flat monthly rate of $17.95 for an unlimited number of lists and despite how large the lists grow.

The system is packed with all the features that are necessary for email marketing and list building, including:

  • Creating and customizing web forms without any coding
  • 100% Double Opt-In lists
  • Hosted unlimited Lead Capture Pages (Squeeze Pages)
  • Creating and managing unlimited link trackers
  • Sending unlimited email newsletters and broadcasts
  • Campaign chaining, which allows automatic updating of lists when subscribers complete certain actions.
  • Monitoring email campaigns, including open rate reports.

In addition, Trafficwave has a multi-tier affiliate program which allows its members to earn commissions from promoting the Autoresponder service.

Pros and Cons


  • Low monthly rate that doesn’t increase with the size of your lists
  • Consistently high delivery rate verifiable through independent assessors.
  • 30-day, no obligation free trial available
  • 100% double opt-in ensures high quality lists
  • Pays and accepts payments through PayPal
  • Allows you to cancel anytime
  • Web-based and includes extra features at no extra cost.
  • Superb video and text tutorials, plus email support.
  • Tried, tested and trusted by experienced marketers for over a decade.


  • Quality of reporting needs improvement.

Who is Trafficwave For?

Basically, an Autoresponder system like Trafficwave is highly recommended for all marketers. But if you are one who likes to keep costs on a tight leash without compromising the quality of service; then Trafficwave is particularly great for you.

Secondly, if you are into promoting biz ops; Trafficwave presents a super attractive value proposition for those who like to promote a quality service and leverage the business side of things to let the service pay for itself. If you do it well enough, you can also create a comfortable stream of extra income.

Finally, Trafficwave is for the marketer who wants a simple, all multipurpose interface that lets him manage all aspects of mailing lists from anywhere. If you want that, without the inconvenience of having to pay for extra hosting or meddling with multiple systems just to capture leads, manage lists and communicate with your subscribers, Trafficwave delivers just that.

Trafficwave Review: My Opinion

For the sake of this Trafficwave review, I tried a number of competitor Autoresponders. What I noted was that the service and features are pretty much similar; with the only notable differences being in the style of reporting and graphic design.

Trafficwave’s low flat fee was a definite deal breaker. Competitors charge more as the list size grows, making their service increasingly expensive as you get more successful at list building. With Trafficwave, I never have to worry about my monthly rate changing. With all the extra features included in the package, I get full access to a fully fledged, professional email marketing system for under $0.60 a day! The 30-day unlimited free trial allows ample time to test drive the system; which shows that the owners are confident of their system’s efficiency, which has been online for over a decade.

The affiliate program means you can also generate a nice residual income with the help of freely available traffic co-ops which guarantee paid referrals, e.g. Our Co-op and Team Atlantis. That’s great for beginners who have a small budget and little or no experience.

Final Verdict

Rating: 5-Stars

Trafficwave Autoresponder is definitely one of the best Email Marketing Systems offering an excellent service for an unbelievably low monthly cost. I Highly Recommend for you to join Trafficwave.

Want even more information on how to maximize TrafficWave Income with Participation in Team Atlantis? Enter your details below:

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APG Review: So, Where’s The Power?

APG ReviewName: Affiliate Power Group (APG)
Website: AffiliatePowerGroup.com
Price: $19.95/month ($1 to try for 10-days)
Owner: Ken Troyer

Rating: 2-Stars


Back when I started working online, I stumbled upon Affiliate Power Group (a.k.a. APG) as I was searching for an affordable coach who could give me a decent online marketing education. As anyone would expect, I checked out reviews and forums for some inside info on the coaching program; but each APG review I came across was directly conflicting the previous one.

Instinctively, I decided to check it out for myself and then decide if it lived up to expectations. I was with APG for a full month; during which time I had the opportunity to read various other internet marketing resources outside APG.

With hindsight, I now understand why one of my mentors always warned about being careful whose advice you take online!

Overview: APG Review

APG is a subscription based affiliate marketing coaching run by a team of 5 experienced marketers; it costs $19.95 per month. Like most online coaching services, their focus is on building websites and monetizing them with affiliate products. The tutorials are a mix of both text explanations and video demonstrations of specific course material.

The course content includes traffic generation techniques as well as weekly action plans to motivate participants into taking action. APG also offers its members discounted done-for-you websites as well as free-to-download eBooks and PLR articles.

APG members are automatically admitted into their affiliate program; in which they can promote the service for commissions of up to 50% per sale. They have a traffic eBook which APG members can customize with their own affiliate link and use to promote the coaching service.

Pros and Cons


  • The unlimited trial period allows you to explore and evaluate the site.
  • Tutorials include great video walkthroughs which makes learning more fun.
  • The Weekly Action Sheets motivate members to keep up with a schedule of activities.


  • Members are hit with far too many in-your-face upsells; the first two showing up right in the middle of signing up.
  • Content is not updated regularly and much of the stuff they serve is quite dated.
  • Too much emphasis on building content with PLR articles and buying done-for-you sites; without teaching how to create unique content.
  • Once you are in there, you can’t tell who else is online. There’s no forum or a way to chat with other members.
  • Support is really poor. I opened a helpdesk ticket after I was charged for a $27 upsell I didn’t order and only got a response from one of the co-owners exactly 3-days and 2-follow ups later.
  • They only take credit card payments; so you can imagine the horror you’ve to get past just to cancel a subscription. Cancellation notifications are accepted via email and APG claims that ‘you have the responsibility to ensure that we get the email’! PayPal would have simplified things a lot.

Who is APG For?

Well, judging from the stuff they offer, APG is supposed to be for beginner internet marketers. Experienced guys will simply find it too shallow, at the very least.

If you are a beginner and you’re interested to know how guys were building websites in 2010; or if you like to build an archive of Article Submission Software, you could have a bit of expensive fun on APG. Just don’t expect to acquire any valuable online marketing education while you’re at it.

APG Review: My Opinion

There’s no hiding the fact that this coaching platform is now due for a total overhaul. The internet has since moved on from some of the techniques they are still peddling. And that renders their affiliate program worthless; because if you don’t have a good product you cannot grow a business, period.

What bothers me most, is that a coaching program that’s supposed to teach people how to set up a powerful online presence is vigorously promoting laziness by pushing done-for-you sites and PLR content. There’s nothing wrong with getting things done for you or using PLR content; but it is not for complete beginners who’ll likely publish untouched copies of every PLR article they get!

I did a little digging and found that APG used to be PIPS Power Group, with a thriving community and forum led by 6 experts. Then things went south on them and they replaced the forum with a newsletter; and membership tumbled, as expected.

Final Verdict

Rating: 2-Stars (more…)

The Best PPC Adwords Alternative

The Best PPC Adwords AlternativeName: The Best PPC Adwords Alternative
Website: best-ppc-pay-per-click-alternative.frankjones.net
Price: $29/month (Basic Plan)
Owners: Frank Jones

Rating: 3-Stars


Generating the right kind of website traffic is certainly one of the most important skills required for the success of your online business. It is so important that it easily dominates many discussions on forums and wherever groups of internet marketers meet. The most trusted sources of targeted traffic are search engines, and two of the most common ways of getting that traffic are SEO and PPC.

SEO will get you free traffic but it will be a while before you see results; and it involves loading your website with well optimized content. With PPC, you simply pay and play; but you got to know what you’re doing or you’ll walk away without your shirt. You’ll get the most PPC traffic from Google’s Adwords; but it can get really expensive. That’s why search marketers are always looking for the best PPC Adwords alternative.

I found one such Adwords Alternative System and gave it a nice test drive. So if you’re one looking for the best of both SEO and PPC on Google, this review of The Best PPC Adwords Alternative helps you decide whether it is indeed the best or if it is an alternative at all.

Overview of The Best PPC Adwords Alternative

As the name suggests, The Best PPC Adwords Alternative is service that generates search engine traffic from Google. It was developed and it is being offered by an experienced SEO and marketer called Frank Jones. The service uses what the owner calls Universal Recommendation Pages (URPs) for this purpose. These are basically webpages optimized to rank for multiple longtail keywords; and whatever traffic they generate is redirected to a site of your choice.

The service is available in packages of different sizes, the most basic of which costs $29/month and includes 100URPs and is exclusively available via Payspree. Once you purchase a package, you are asked to submit your destination URL, which can be your website, landing page or even an affiliate link. You’ll also be asked to submit one or two images, a list of specific cities (zip codes) to target and your choice of 10 to 100 longtail keywords.

Once set up, you will get a site map showing links to your URP pages. The pages will wait for Google to index them before you start seeing any traffic.

Watch the video below to see how The Best PPC Adwords Alternative works:

Pros and Cons


  • It is an alternative way to access targeted search traffic without going through the process of building a website.
  • With the right choice of keywords, traffic and clicks can be acquired at a much lower cost than PPC.
  • Traffic is generated from a legitimate source.
  • Service allows you to geo-target your campaigns.
  • Great got new affiliates who lack the skills needed to rank well in SERPs
  • Accepts payments via PayPal which makes it easy to cancel anytime.
  • Backed by a 30-day money back guarantee but I didn’t ask for a refund.


  • URPs remain the property of the service provider and though you can see them, you have absolutely no control over their content, quality or online location.
  • The service relies squarely on Google indexing and subsequent ranking. Neither Frank nor you have the power to influence that; except by trying to optimize the content like everyone else. There are simply no guarantees.
  • Traffic quality can be affected by the quality of targeted keywords.
  • If you are not good at keyword research, you have to pay extra to have it done for you.
  • The package does not involve tracking. Unless you submit a tracking link, you will have no way of telling how much traffic your campaign is generating.
  • Requires you to promote the pages through other means (social media, etc) in order to improve their rankings.
  • Takes time before getting traffic; none should be expected within the first month.
  • Support is via email to Frank himself. He does respond but not instantly.

Who is The Best PPC Adwords Alternative For?

From my experience with the service and contrary to what seems like an obvious case, The Best PPC Adwords Alternative is not for complete beginners.

Firstly, it requires someone who understands keywords and what kind of traffic they are likely to generate. The quality of search traffic is only as good as the keywords used to acquire it. Without a proper keyword research and understanding of surfers’ behaviors, your campaign will simply fall flat on its face.

Secondly, the service requires you to at least understand local SEO and maximize on the low competition on local keywords. That means, if you are targeting general longtail keywords you make it difficult for your URPs to rank on first page.

Lastly, it needs someone who knows how to track clicks. Not many beginners can do all these things; so I’d say the service is suitable for guys with a bit of experience. In particular, it suits someone who already has their online assets but would like to boost their search engine presence and outplay competitors on specific keywords.

So Is It Quite The Best PPC Adwords Alternative?

Is This The Best PPC Adwords Alternative?One of the most attractive features of PPC advertising is its ability to get laser targeted traffic NOW. It’s the waiting that PPC marketers shun SEO in the first place; and they are willing to pay extra for not having to wait for pages to get indexed and then ranked in the SERPs.

The Best PPC Adwords Alternative certainly involves lots of waiting. In fact, the sales page specifies that it may take anything from 2-3weeks for all 100URPs to get indexed. You will still need to promote the pages; share them on social media and all that stuff to get it ranked better. And all that takes a heck of a long time and the first month’s subscription isn’t likely to bring in any traffic.

That said, calling it a PPC alternative is a bit overboard. The service is good in its own right but certainly is a far cry from replacing PPC.

My Opinion

There are a lot of services that are designed to game Google; and many of them will get your site blacklisted. I am not an expert SEO but this sounds like this service is right on the edge. It certainly requires someone who knows how to protect their online asset by avoiding direct linking to their site in case big ol’ G decides to penalize the URPs.

Furthermore, there is no specific timeframe in which to expect the service to bring results; since there are no guarantees. However, with good keyword and geo-targeting; you can hit it big and grab hordes of clicks for just pennies. The service charges a flat fee, which means every extra click reduces the overall Cost Per Click.

But without tracking, proper reporting and support, The Best PPC Adwords Alternative is totally ruled out for complete beginners. And the lack of the same features will also be a turn-off for most experienced guys.

I do not think this is exactly an alternative to PPC; though it is a viable traffic generation service that is affordable enough to warrant exploring.

Final Verdict

Rating: 3-Stars

The Best PPC Adwords Alternative is a legitimate traffic service that is suitable for experienced marketers who know what they are doing. I recommend trying it out; but take note that it is not a quick hit like PPC is known to be.

Traffic Fusion Review: Could Website Traffic Come So Easy…?

Traffic Fusion ReviewName: Traffic Fusion
Website: Trafficfusion.io (Sales Page)
Price: $49 (Traffic Fusion Basic)
Owner: Precious Ngwu



Before getting to the actual Traffic Fusion review, let’s have a brief analysis of the idea behind this software.

Any internet marketer will tell you that driving traffic to your web pages is probably the trickiest skill of the trade. And it’s not just traffic we are talking about, it’s targeted traffic. While there are many sources of great traffic, search traffic from Google is widely sought after; along with that from popular social media sites. That’s because social media sites constitute the bulk of internet visitors; and Google alone accounts for about 70% of all search traffic on the internet. Together, those sites are a traffic diamond mine!

Precious Ngwu has been around IM long enough to know that many marketers, especially beginners, will do anything to get a nice share of that action. So he created this software which (conveniently) automates traffic generation on social media and is supposed to make you wish you hadn’t wasted time learning all the difficult stuff. If you believe this guy is about to hand you an early break, this Traffic Fusion Review will show you why you should take a step back, take a deep breath and walk away unscathed!

Traffic Fusion Review: Overview

Traffic Fusion is an Adobe Air based software program developed by Precious Ngwu. It promises to use your social media profiles to automatically generate traffic to your promotions. This software will need to be set up on your computer, which already has Adobe Air installed.

Once installed, Traffic Fusion requires you to link your social media accounts before you can set up campaigns. You’ll also be offered the option to link to your Spin Rewriter account, if you have one. I noticed that the version I purchased only allowed Google+ while LinkedIn and Tumblr required a further upgrade to Traffic Fusion Pro. I also don’t have a Spin Rewriter account, so I skipped that part.

With that out of the way, you can now setup campaigns. In the first step, just enter a campaign name, URL you want to promote, select whether you want to promote with a video or image and enter the appropriate url of the media. Next, you’ll need to select social media groups you want to target for your campaign; and then enter the message you want to post. Finally, you’ll have a chance to set up the timing for your campaign and you can hit “START” to launch the campaign.

Basically, what Traffic Fusion does is auto post your message (or spun versions of it) to the groups you selected for ‘infiltration’. The idea is to target existing groups with huge memberships that seem suitable for your product or campaign.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to install and setup
  • It is easy to navigate the system
  • One time payment through PayPal, no recurring subscriptions.


  • The system works by spamming social media sites with poor quality content; which can easily get you banned.
  • Access to setting up all social media profiles requires a further upgrade, which isn’t communicated upfront.
  • There is no proof that the software actually works. In fact, there are many complaints from users who’ve tried it and had their social media accounts suspended for ‘suspicious activity’.
  • No support available. After testing it for almost 3weeks, I could see that my initial suspicions were confirmed and I requested for a refund. It only managed to recover my money after opening a PayPal dispute.
  • There’s no free trial available; if you want to test drive Traffic Fusion, you have to take a leap of faith and risk losing your money.

Who is Traffic Fusion For?

Like most push button traffic software programs, Traffic Fusion is yet another controversial product designed to lure lazy internet marketers who believe they can game social media sites for easy traffic. Experienced marketers will always tell you that no one is ever going to hand you such an open ticket to success.

The software is also designed for total beginners who are most likely naïve or ignorant about the existence of such internet scams.

Traffic Fusion Review: Does It Live Up To The Hype?

Traffic Fusion Review: Part Of The Value Proposition

Above is part of the Traffic Fusion sales page, which echos the same message you’ll get from the video on the same page.

Unfortunately, after my review of Traffic Fusion over a 3-week period, I did not get a single visitor as a result of using the software. There were no impressions recorded, as the system kept showing zero stats. In fact, the reporting platform couldn’t even recognize the accounts and social media groups I had set up for infiltration. With non-existent support, I simply gave up and cancelled my subscription.

Traffic fusion simply failed to live up to expectations.

My Opinion

I strongly believe that Traffic Fusion is a scam. It had a big launch on JVZoo and was vigorously promoted with a lot of hype to attract the attention of many internet marketers. Riding on the attractive promise of free Google and Social media traffic, the owner knew that many marketers struggling with traffic would quickly jump for it.

Spamming social media sites will simply bet you banned at best; and whoever creates software that does just that is just as malicious and cannot be trusted. Throughout the Traffic Fusion review experience, I encountered clear indications that the software was never going to work. From the lack of support to the inclusion of spun content destined for social media; continued use simply spelled doom.

I don’t think I can over-emphasize that Traffic Fusion is a definite NO-NO!

Final Verdict


Save your money; Traffic Fusion simply sucks.

Wealthy Affiliate Review: Will you get any Wealthier?

Wealthy Affiliate Review
: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com
Price: $47/month (or 7-day LIMITED Free Trial)
Owners: Kyle & Carson


Intro To My Wealthy Affiliate Review

If you are just starting out online and have searched for help online, you have more than likely encountered Wealthy Affiliate. Or else, you didn’t have to search for it; one of its members could have ‘volunteered’ to tell you about it.

Although the net is awash with free information, sometimes it is not conveniently accessible at the time you need it. Heck, a lot of times beginners don’t even know where to look for such information. And worse still, with the cunning self-proclaimed experts around, it gets even more difficult to tell wrongs from rights.

Coaching Communities are a great way to provide reliable online coaching and exchange information, ideas and skills. While there are many free ones line Warrior Forum and other private forums; there are also a number of paid coaching communities, of which Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most notable ones.

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

Basically, Wealthy Affiliate provides web-based internet marketing coaching for $47 per month. The training is designed for internet marketers of varying skill levels; from total beginners who want to learn the basics to those who want to sharpen specific skills like PPC and SEO.

Wealthy affiliate is owned by a pair of guys who only go by their first names, Kyle and Carson. The training they provide is organized into text based tutorial which also include detailed walk-through videos. Further, the platform provides website building tools which include a keyword research tool, content creation tool, WordPress site builder and web hosting.

When you join and upgrade, you have access to the Affiliate program that offers you an opportunity to earn 50% recurring commissions on members you refer.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

The training offered within Wealthy Affiliate is suitable for anyone who wants to set up an online presence in any niche. This makes the program well suited for the complete IM beginner.

On the other hand, the training expands into more advanced skills like link building, content optimization and PPC, which are best for those with intermediate to advanced skills. What I noted is that the training encourages members to visit and contribute to each other’s blogs; thus kick starting discussions around blog posts. This is a great way to boost engagement, which experienced folks use to boost their rankings.

Lastly, it’s important to mention that Wealthy Affiliate is a good fit for those who can afford to consistently pay $47 monthly.

Pros vs. cons


  • Detailed tutorials and courses which are highly relevant
  • Easy to follow video walk-through tutorials
  • Practical courses and tutorials on stuff that works in real life, with video illustrations to show how its done.
  • Access to one-on-one support from members of the Wealthy affiliate community.
  • LIVE chat and interactive help available on demand.
  • No annoying upsells; once you upgrade don’t expect any further marketing emails.
  • Quality web building tools bundled up within the same monthly fee.
  • Pay through PayPal; with freedom to cancel anytime.


  • Access to private coaching by the owners is non existent; you have to make do with community coaching.
  • $47/month is somewhat pricy.
  • You cannot test drive wealthy Affiliate’s full service package. In fact, the 7-fay free trial is limited to just a few functions; which makes it difficult to assess its effectiveness during the trial period.
  • Effectively, there is only one membership level, Premium Membership; though they advertise a non-existent Free membership (which is actually a very limited 7-day trial membership).
  • There’s a risk of losing all your website files, downline and connections if you miss a payment. You need to backup or transfer files to another host before membership expires; but you immediately lose your affiliation on membership expiry.

Wealthy Affiliate Review of Training, Tools & Support

Honestly, I am yet to find a training course that is more detailed and organized. It explains the basics in plain texts and illustrates specific tasks with video walk-throughs, making it super-easy to understand and progress through entire courses. And when it so happens that you get stuck, there’s a whole community of experienced members to turn to.

The platform includes a decent web hosting service, whose cost is included in monthly subscriptions. It also includes a keyword research tool; though it is a limited version of the owners’ commercial Keyword research tool called Jaaxy. To get the full Jaaxy service, you have to pay an extra monthly fee.

But one thing that disappointed me was the discovery of how hard it is to get one-on-one coaching from Kyle or Carson. Though they are VERY active in the community, getting personal attention is nearly impossible. You will have to be happy with getting their help through the community.

But overall, the level of support within Wealthy Affiliate is simply phenomenal. Over the time I took it for a LIVE test drive as a Premium Member, I don’t recall an incident where I spent 5mins waiting for support to arrive. Though there is Helpdesk Support, anyone in the community is free to respond to questions; which gives you the comfort of having ‘help on tap’!

Is there any WEALTH inside Wealthy Affiliate?

I believe total beginners immediately get the best value for their investment; that is from all the training courses and interactions with experienced members.

Besides testing and playing around with designs, I didn’t see the real value of the hosting service. I prefer hosting my sites with an independent hosting plan for obvious reasons. The availability of a keyword tool right on the platform is convenient; though the inclusion of Jaaxy Keyword Tool would have boosted membership value. What I still don’t understand is why they had to include a built-in Content Writer when they did a great job teaching how to write good original content.

Experienced members can use their membership mainly for access to the affiliate program; which can earn you a serious income from selling a legitimate and top quality coaching service. With a little more networking and creativity, they will also find other ways of leveraging their membership.

That said, I think Wealthy Affiliate is a great coaching service, though it is on the expensive side. If you can afford the membership, the affiliate program can easily help you recoup your investment and even make a profit.

The content is certainly real wealth and you will struggle to find anything that matches or even comes close to it elsewhere.

Wealthy Affiliate Review: Final Verdict

Rating: 4stars

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate IF you have the budget. The affiliate program offers an opportunity to earn back part of your monthly expense, if you know what you are doing.

That’s my honest Wealthy Affiliate review. If you have questions or comments, please leave them below.

Listwire Autoresponder Review

Listwire Autoresponder Review

Name: Listwire Autoresponder
Website: Listwire.com
Price: Free
Owners: Gary Ambrose

Rating: 3-Stars

Listwire Autoresponder Review Introduction

When you get good internet marketing coaching, you will definitely hear the phrase that’s almost a cliché. But truly, the money is indeed in the list; and you need an autoresponder system to efficiently build and manage that list.

However, these systems aren’t usually free, at least not the best ones. With the popularity and effectiveness of email marketing, many new marketers go out looking for the best free Autoresponder system. The most popular free tool is Listwire; so I put together this Listwire Autoresponder Review to help you decide if it is worth the saving.

Overview : Listwire Autoresponder Review

Listwire is owned by Gary Ambrose, a successful internet marketing millionaire and owner of several reputable online assets. It is a 100% free but fully featured Autoresponder system, that allows you to create unlimited lists with unlimited subscribers, create lead capture forms and send unlimited emails and broadcasts; plus many other standard email marketing features.

Ever since it was launched in 2009, Listwire has been met with suspicion from experienced marketers. Most were worried that a charge would be introduced at some point. But the owner has repeatedly affirmed that it is free forever.

But there’s a BIG catch. Listwire takes away your chance to present your offer on the Thank You Page. That means, when a new subscriber signs up to your list, they get redirected to a page that shows Gary’s offers instead of your thank you page.

Secondly, by signing up for Listwire, you accept to receive marketing emails from Gary Ambrose. You wind up on his list and you are forced to remain there unless you want to get your autoresponder account closed. Though Gary will email you his offers, he does not send email to your list subscribers.

Pros and Cons


  • Decent Autoresponder service that doesn’t cost you money.
  • Great delivery rate that compares well with that of the big boys who offer paid services.
  • Free account grants you full access to the system with no limitations whatsoever.
  • Includes double opt-in feature which prevents fake subscribers.
  • Integrated Twitter functionality, list building co-op and traffic generation services.
  • Over 5years track record


  • Forced redirect to Gary’s OTOs forces you to give up your chance to maximize your thank You Page monetization.
  • You must accept to receive swarms of marketing emails from Gary. Unsubscribing from his list automatically cancels your Listwire account.
  • Unable to import of export lists to or from Listwire. If you later decide to move to another Autoresponder, your Listwire subscribers will have to opt-in to your list all over again.
  • Your web forms have a Listwire logo that tells everyone that you are using a free Autoresponder. It kinda puts the wrong tag on the value of whatever you are offering.

Who is Listwire Autoresponder For?

Without a doubt, most people who use Listwire are beginners who are starting out and are not ready to commit any funds into a paid Autoresponder service. However, this doesn’t mean Listwire is suitable for all beginners.

If you are in the MMO market, then Gary is your direct competitor and you don’t want to hand him your hard earned leads just like that. You are much better off stretching your budget to accommodate a paid service. If you’re in a different market, you must be sure that your leads aren’t ticked off by offers that are totally unrelated to the list they signed up for. Imagine a mum signing up to a cooking newsletter and is suddenly shown offers for Forex Trading Guidelines!

Is Listwire The Best Free Autoresponder?

I know that when your startup budget is limited, a free service sounds like the second best thing ever to happen. It may be so with many things but not so in Internet Marketing; particularly when we are talking about your list. The whole point of building a list is to build a closer relationship with your customers and earn their trust. Normally, you’d think twice about letting someone else have direct contact with your subscribers; which is a situation that Listwire forces you to submit to.

But on the flipside, there are not too many free options to fall back on. I know every paid service has a free trial account. There are also several free PHP scripts and WordPress plugins that let you collect email addresses and send out newsletters; which you can consider. Admittedly, none compare to the quality delivered by Listwire.

So yes, Listwire is currently the best free Autoresponder. However, you access it at a cost that can prove more expensive than the monthly subscription to a paid service… potential sales!

My Opinion After My Listwire Autoresponder Review

There’s no question about the service quality, it is the best that FREE can get you anywhere. Listwire Autoresponder delivers a decent email marketing service that even compares well with many reputable paid services. If you are short of cash, you can build a list and send newsletters and broadcasts without coughing up a penny… ever. Other free alternatives lack functionality and basic features.

Though the Pros of using Listwire outnumber the Cons, they are certainly outweighed owing to the seriousness of the disadvantages. Gary is a master marketer who knows that every member and subscriber who signs up through his Listwire system is a lead acquired at zero cost to him.

That means when you sign up for a listwire account, you help Gary generate free traffic to his business offers in two ways:

  1. You literally go knocking on his door asking to see every offer he has now and in the future.
  2. You go out looking for more people (your list subscribers) to see Gary’s offers before they see yours.

It is a big deal, considering that you still have to invest in advertising to acquire your list subscribers; only to lose the first selling opportunity with them. Besides that, we basically have a reliable email marketing tool that’s been tried and tested for over 5years and remains free forever.

But is it worth the saving (or is it a saving at all…)? Personally, I don’t think so. In the long run, you’ll notice that a paid service gives you flexibility and control over your lists; which is far more valuable that the perceived financial saving.

Final Verdict

Rating: 3-Stars

Listwire is a great Free Autoresponder. If you are REALLY pressed money-wise, it is an option I’d recommend with ‘a pinch of salt’. Otherwise, you best start on a FREE trial with a reputable paid autoresponder service while you create space on your budget.

SFI Review: Make Money Online Free Of Charge

SFI Review

Name: SFI
Website: sfimg.com
Price: FREE to join
Owners: Carson Services, Inc

Rating: 4stars

Introduction To My SFI Review

My initial encounter with SFI was in 2011 when it was recommended to me as a good program for those who had no money to invest but wanted to make money online free of charge. It is also the program on which I created my very first little online income stream. And because it is one of the popular free-to-join biz ops available online, I thought I could help many biz op seekers make informed decisions with an SFI review of my own.

I can say I ‘grew’ from right within SFI and from the time I joined to now, I have authored several SFI info products (available here) to guide members to success. So this SFI review is purely based on first hand and current experience and observations from the inside.

SFI Overview

SFI is an affiliate marketing program with a multi-tier compensation plan. That means it is an affiliate program that also pays you according to the success of the organization (downline) you build. But it has the flexibility to allow you to focus on the aspects you are most comfortable with.

SFI owns an online marketplace called Tripleclicks, which stocks over 100,000 digital and physical products from all over the world. So, SFI members are basically affiliates who promote Tripleclicks products for a commission whenever leads they refer make a purchase.

As such, SFI members make money in several ways, including:

1. Promoting products listed on TripleClicks for up to 45% commission.
2. Referring new sellers (called ECAs) to TripleClicks, for 10% lifetime commissions
3. Recruit an active downline and earn from their success
4. Selling your own products in the marketplace
5. Playing games and winning various prizes

Pros and Cons


  • SFI is 100% free to join with no upgrades necessary.
  • Anyone from anywhere in the world can join.
  • Offers free online marketing training.
  • Access to multiple income opportunities.
  • Members’ forum in which the owner and president is very active.
  • Personal mentoring available from Sponsor and Co-sponsor
  • On-site communication tools, including LIVE chat
  • 24/7 Ticket based Helpdesk
  • Accepts and pays through PayPal, Credit Card, Wire Transfer and Checks.
  • Always pays on time
  • BBB Accredited
  • Has been in business for over 15years


  • It takes time for most unassisted beginners to master and make a consistent income.
  • Some products listed on TripleClicks are of poor quality; you need to sift through a lot of stuff to find good products to promote.
  • Lacks video tutorials in the training which will certainly improve the training experience.

Who is SFI For?

It is free to join; but certainly not for everyone; this is one of the most important reasons I decided to do this SFI review.

If you’re starting out online and looking for a way to learn internet marketing and make money online free of charge; SFI is a good fit for you. You will have to go through a learning curve but the program lets you learn at your own comfortable pace.

On the other hand, SFI is a great place to satisfy experienced marketers who either:

  1. Wants to boost their product offering in a specific niche; or
  2. Are already in the MMO niche and wants to tap into a large pool of biz op seekers; or consumers of related products and services.

SFI Review: Will Beginners Make The Money?

Beginners certainly can make money. But like I indicated earlier, this isn’t a get-rich-quick program. Beginners get to learn a lot of stuff that others pay handsomely to lay their hands on. The training alone can teach you to build robust streams of income within SFI and elsewhere on the internet.

The program avails various promotional tools which will assist you generate sales. These are unique promotional methods that very few affiliate programs will care to assist you with. They include gift cards customized with your affiliate link, traffic co-ops and many others.

International affiliates can also signup to become agents within their localities; enabling them to handle SFI payments in local currencies, for a commission. If you like garage sales, you can set up online ones and leverage your automatic Tripleclicks membership.

So yes, it is possible for anyone to make money on SFI and Tripleclicks, as long as they apply sound business ideas that appeal to specific niches.

My Opinion

Although most affiliate programs are free to join, very few have a no purchase obligation policy like SFI does. When you join, you enjoy total peace without annoying sales emails trying to pressure you into upgrading or buying a myriad of upsells.

SFI also offers you up-to-date training for free, which is worth $1,000’s elsewhere; although the tutorials are purely textual and could be improved with the introduction of videos. All the same, you benefit from accessing this information for free.

Worried About Your Paycheck? SIGNUP TO SFI & make money online FREE of chargeLastly, SFI is unique in that it offers multiple earning opportunities 100% free of charge. You get to invest your money in the important aspects of internet marketing like List building, traffic generation and advertising. However, it will take you time to start making real money, especially if you are a complete beginner.

Final Verdict

Rating: 4stars

SFI’s legitimacy is way beyond questioning; I particularly RECOMMEND it for beginners who want to learn the ropes without limiting their options.

I also recommend it for experienced guys who know what to do with a large pool of hungry biz op seekers.

Empower Network Review: Let’s Cut Through The Hype!

Empower Network Review

Name: Empower Network
Website: EmpowerNetwork.com
Price: $25/month to join + over $5,000 Upgrades
Owners: David Wood & David Sharpe

Rating: REVIEW RATING: 2.5 Stars


Intro To My Empower Network Review

If you never heard of Empower Network, I can almost conclude that you haven’t been online in a while. I will admit that this Empower Network review was motivated by how it descended everywhere online; social media, forums… you name it! That’s how much this biz op got publicized!

I had the opportunity of having a backdoor peek inside Empower Network; thanks to an eager friend who was trying to get me on board. I got in, got under the hood and took a good look (and I mean a really good look!) and was totally dumbfounded by what was before my very eyes! So I wrote my own candid empower Network Review to cut through the hype and reveal what really lies beyond the fancy sales pitch.

Empower Network Overview

Empower Network is in the business of selling blogs and related training material. It is designed as an MLM business opportunity, which you can join for a $25 monthly recurring fee. But surprisingly, that is just like a membership fee. To unlock your earning potential and access the affiliate program, you have to invest in ‘premium’ products which you can resell for a profit. These include:

  • Empower Network Premium Products$19/month to access the affiliate program
  • $100/month to access and get resell rights to ‘The Inner Circle”
  • $497 High Ticket Academy
  • $1,000 for the $15K formula
  • … and so on…

When you join Empower Network, you are encouraged to go ‘all in’ so you can maximize your income potential. Basically, this means you must buy all the premium products for over $5,000 in order to start dreaming about profiting from this opportunity.

Pros and Cons


Besides the fact that it is optional to join (Thank God!), I honestly struggled to identify any positives for joining this hyped up biz op. I invite you to suggest any which you might think of…

I mean, this is a joke. With WordPress, Joomla and all the fine web hosting services; why the heck would anyone pay $25 to get a blog set up? Fine, the blog is decent looking; but you can get a much better one for much less than $10/month and without getting enslaved to Empower Network.


There are so many of them, but I’ll just highlight the most notable.

    • There idea of paying for access to an affiliate program is downright scam, to say the least. The initial $25 simply buys you a blog but doesn’t let you explore your earning potential.
    • It is the one of the most expensive attempt at making money online, demanding upward of $5,000 (cost of going all in) as an initial investment.
    • Though it is modeled like an MLM opportunity, it looks pretty much like a pyramid scheme. Beginners and those who join later are pretty much screwed.
    • You can opt out anytime but you won’t get a refund.
    • The program’s products are of a mediocre quality, nothing really to warrant such a heavy investment. There are much cheaper, and yet much more robust alternatives to the products offered by empower Network.
    • The owners are conveniently running their business out of a shady location outside their home country; which suggests they could be trying to circumvent US laws.

Can You Make Money With Empower Network?

I hate to admit it, but I know plenty of people who’ve made a killing with Empower Network! You just have to be a savvy marketer without a conscience. Beginners and most intermediates will simply be flushing their 5-grand down the toilet. There’s a reason why no one else is trying to sell simple blogs for $25 dollars and crappy training programs for $5k…

Even the experienced Pros will need to rope in some rich dummies into their downlines in order to make a profit. With the way internet marketing is evolving, making $5,000 sales on an obscure MLM product isn’t exactly a walk in the park. In my honest opinion, people with that kind of cash will opt for less risky online opportunities.

If you have the cash and skills required to pull it off, what else would you need?

A strong, responsive list of very aggressive Biz op hunters. That’s not a very common list; but I don’t think those who own such a list would risk their reputation and online future by recommending such a program.

Empower Network Review: My Opinion

For the complete beginner, I honestly believe that Empower Network is a total rip off. I don’t see how it is possible for you to recoup such a huge investment by trying to convince people to buy $25 blogs and $5,000 training programs.

Even if you find a way to work it, the business model lacks the scope for continuity and the products lack the depth required to justify their cost. The business model itself raises many questions around ethics, legality and associated risks.

Finally, there is no clear activity you’ll be carrying out, except selling blogs and convincing buyers to go all in; which, to me, sounds like selling overpriced lotto tickets.

My Final Verdict On Empower Network Review

Rating: REVIEW RATING: 2.5 Stars

Empower Network sucks; an emphatic NO-NO for beginners. The business scope is too narrow and the risks are way too high while the odds are stacked against you.

Find a legitimate opportunity with better growth potential, a straightforward business model and a friendlier entry budget.